A collaboration between University of North Carolina Asheville and Weaverville Primary School

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Why are iguanas so spiky?

Denise and Zach explain lizard spikes

Why do dogs use their claws to dig?

Kaylea and Catherine explain dog digging

Why is a chocolate lab a good duck hunter?

Bianca and Henry use puppets to explain duck fetching in labs

Why do monkeys beat their chests?

Meredith explains primate social behavior

Why do lions have manes?

Becca and Megan talk about lion manes

Why do Komodo Dragons have such long tongues?

Katherine and Ethan explain monitor lizard chemoreception

Why do some cats have fur?

Sarah and Lauren talk about cat fur!

Why do cats scratch?

Alexis and Abigail explain cat behavior

Why are Black Panthers so stealthy?

Kira and Nathan give some great facts about big cats

Why do German Shepards have Different Colored Fur?

Teresa and Sandy explain dog coat colors.

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