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Month: December 2022

How do octopuses shoot ink?

This video was written and produced by Alyssa Lashway and Grace McLeod in April 2015 for Becca Hale’s Principles of Zoology class at the University of North Carolina Asheville.

Why are Komodo dragons so strong?

Komodo dragons are amazing animals – and so strong! Myles Henry and Eddie Limon tell us why to answer this question sent to us from Angelique & Theo.

How do hamsters store so much in their cheeks?

Hamsters have such big cheeks – but why? Desmond Killian and Henry Hansen answer this question sent to use from Alex and Edison.

Why do wolves eat meat?

Kaitlyn Kerr and Maeve Ford explore wolves and their diets in order to answer this question sent to us from Tatum and Juliet.

Why do bunnies hop?

Iris and Joanna sent us this intriguing question about bunnies. Ethan Haymond and Rylee Schwierking have the answer!

What and how much do whales eat?

Avah and Remmy came up with two wonderful questions about whales. Here, Avah poses it to our experts, Juliana Manchester and Gabby Serpico.

Why do dogs have such short lifespans?

Rainin and Edmund sent a great question about dogs. Kohl Medina and Ethan Ebert have the answer!

Can sharks swim backwards?

Dylan Brenner and Alanna Thorton answer this great question, brought to us by Reagan and Scarlett. Thanks for your question!

Why do tigers like to swim?

Hailie Tagner and Kate Murphy tackle the question of why tigers like to swim. Thanks Dawson and Acadia for your great question!

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