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Why do octopuses have eight legs?

Join Josh, Hanitua, and Chantz as they explain how these incredible octopuses use their 8 legs for many different things.

Why do giraffes have such long legs?

In this video, Darcy and Baker explain why giraffe legs and necks are so long.

How do sharks swim?

Alejandro, Jackie, and Horace give us a lesson about shark fins and how they use them to swim.

Why are pandas black and white?

Have you ever wondered why pandas are black and white? Join Ashleigh, Sarah, and Peter, as they answer this question.

Why do narwhals have tusks?

Join our narwhal newscasters, Jacob, Emily, and Josh, as they venture into the frozen Arctic to talk to you about narwhal tusks.

How do zebras have their babies?

In this video, Tamarya and Sebastian show you that there is a lot to learn about baby zebras!

Why do cats have whiskers?

Let Lauren, Hannah, and Sarah explain how whiskers help cats figure out their environment.

Why are pigs pink?

Some famous pigs are pink, but wild pigs and hogs aren’t. Join Aly Pagano and Erica Olberding as they explore the evolution of color in pigs. This video was produced for Dr. Becca Hale’s Principles of Zoology class in March 2018.

Why do sharks have lots of rows of teeth?

Ruvim and Anna explain shark teeth

Why do Cats have Pink Noses?

Alana and Kasidy explain why cats noses are pink.

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